Cleaning With Nature Looking Ahead To Global Changes

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What’s Behind Natural Organic Clean – Probiotics For A New World

This is an awareness blog to consider the future of your world. This is the place to learn about different kinds of natural and organic safe and clean new ways of life. Humans over thousands of years learned who is really in control of planet earth. Mother Nature is. Good old Mother Nature. But you can play your part in how she will determine your health. Down to the microscopic level. Mother nature is in every nook and cranny, every particle of dust and each and every bacteria in each and every speck of well everything. What is the one thing that every living thing needs. Aside from light, food and water? Natural balance. Balance in bacteria.

Natures clean is the name of the blog and here we are going to learn how even bacteria when balanced with natural cleaners can change your life for the better. its time to escape dangerous chemicals and improve your life.

My journey started with learning about natural organic probiotics on the farm. I am by job description a poultry farmer among many hats I have worn in my work life of nearly 40 years. But I have come a long way since the chicken coop in my learning on how probiotics effect not only agricultural animals health, but organic probiotics can change your ordinary life into a much healthier one. In raising poultry, over the years I found that you can’t just “clean” a coop, the coop has to be balanced with the proper bacteria for a healthy chicken. (See our website Blue Star Ranch ) Further, I even started another website just because I was so impressed with the way probiotics has improved my farm life.

Consider even a lowly fish tank. Even a guppy or goldfish has to have proper bacteria in order to live in the fish tank or bowl. Good balanced bacteria in the water  is needed to maintain the PH levels and bacteria for a healthy life. So does every living thing need the same on our planet. We need a healthy balance of the right kinds of bacteria’s are “probiotics” which means “for health” Antibiotics mean “against health.”

As I said, I am a poultry farmer always trying to balance the proper mulch, and bedding with harsh chemicals, bleach and other cleansers to keep the coop clean and fresh for the customers. Add to that fact, that the weather always changed and upset the cleaning schedules. There HAD to be a better way to keep the chickens healthy. There is. I found a company in Europe Chrisal that has developed the proper bacteria’s and cleaners for agricultural (and human) use.

For thousands of years we humans have been trying to improve ways to clean ourselves and where we live and work – as the best way to protect against filth, odors, illness, infections, molds and many other problems. But, even with all of today’s technology, we still find ourselves endlessly battling between trying to protect ourselves and using dangerous chemicals and products that harm us, our children, animals and the environment.

So this blog will be a place where we can all learn about probiotics and how it changes our world. Probiotics started in my chicken poultry farms, but it won’t stop here for me. More articles to come on probiotics and how it can change your world too.